So, 2023 you were sort of weird.  I finished a (wet, muddy, crazy) 50k on April 1st.  We visited the UK for the first time in 5 years and saw all our families.  I saw Russell Brand live, in the front row.  He even hugged me.  Good times.  

Then the covid happened.  Ugh.  Running went right downhill after that, the only other event I did was the Santa Shuffle 5k in December and I'm so glad we did.  I just haven't felt good much this year.  I felt good after that run though.  That run makes me think I want to do more runs.

We went to Glacier NP in Montana twice where I tried to reintroduce the concept of exercise to my potato-body.  I love the peace and stillness there.  Above is the '5 Moose in 1 Lake' excitement we had on our last morning.

I had the privilege of representing my employer of 17 years (City of Calgary) in Calgary's Pride Parade.  The day had amazing energy, I will never forget it.

2023 had started out with the loss of our princess Mittens.  For the first time we only had two cats in the house, Pepper (14) and Tess (15).  It was oddly calm and effortless.  So we broke that by looking for kittens.   

Our little angel Janey-E

We rescued two wonderful little balls of fluff in April, but before we got to bring them home the entire litter got Panleukopenia and our baby Janey did not survive.  It broke my heart.  

Our sweet Kaos was the only kitten to make it from the litter of five.  I tell her she's my little miracle all the time.  She still needed a companion her own age no matter how we felt, so we also welcomed Daisy to the family.  

Those two little balls have grown exponentially and Kaos has recently got super fluffy, would you look at that tail.  We just love them to bits, they bring so much joy.  The household of baby cats, older cats and people is co-existing very well.  I can't imagine not having them under my feet or sleeping on my face 24/7. 

The Calgary Expo is a huge highlight every year and in 2023 Kids in the Hall gave us such a great show. Brilliant. I've always loved them.  In early 2024 we are going to see Scott and Bruce in separate shows right here, we are lucky people. 

These are my favourite Halloween Horror Nights inspired crochet projects this year.  A baby Demodog and my little FEDRA fungus garden.  It's the most fun hobby ever.  I have separate posts on our amazing HHN trips to Orlando and Hollywood

In numerology 2024 is an 8 year which is a year of strength and power.  It’s time to reconnect with running. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice.  We're halfway out of the dark!


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