Santa Shuffle 5k Dec 2, 2023

It has been exactly 10 years since we last ran this one, and if you look back these are indeed the same antlers.  I found them in a cupboard the day before the race.  In 2013 it was -30 at race start and I suspect that's why we never signed up again.  This year was a balmy -5 so clearly a good decision.

I can't remember the last time we did an event out of Eau Claire, I am just happy to be back here (before they demolish it).  There's a toy donation spot as this event is to benefit The Salvation Army, a band and a photo booth plus heated parking, heated waiting area with indoor bathrooms, seating and food.  I will miss this warm fuzzy place. 

The run starts quite informally (and by that I mean I don't notice it started) and there's no official timing which is very pleasant.  Runners are happily jingling along, occassionally stopping to retrieve bells, antlers and other bits of fancy dress from the pathway.  

The route is a beautiful out and back along the south side of the river past the Peace Bridge.  The magical coyotes are busy being magical so we do not see an actual one.  Unless they're invisible?  It's very hard work, it's a challenge and I like it very much indeed.  It is amazing to be around so many happy shufflers, and quite a few santas.  Now I remember why I do this.

I was done at around 38 mins which I'm really happy with.  

Gorgeous medals too, what a fun way to spend a December Saturday morning. 



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