5 Peaks Canmore #1 June 8, 2024

Last Saturday we went out to Canmore to run the second 5 Peaks race of 2024.  They put on amazing events.  Tony from Grizzly Chainsaw Carving was there with some of his creations so we added a couple to the yard.

The setting is pure mountain porn. 

Photo from Body.inmotion 

Everything is super easy as long as you turn up early enough to park at the Nordic Centre.  Bear spray is compulsory for each runner.  There were 800 runners in the event over 3 distances - Sport 7.1 km, Enduro 16.1 km, and Grit 22 km.  I think it's fantastic to have that distance choice.  

The Sport distance had 190 m elevation gain/loss.  I felt the hills let me tell you.  This time last year I was struggling to even hike, so I was absolutely delighted with every part of the day.

They pick gorgeous trails for these races.  The smell of trees in the warm sunshine almost distracted me from how I was probably about to collapse.

I had a nice group of very laid back people around me.  The fast people started in a wave ahead of us so we didn't have to worry about being passed much.  


Kev was being speedy, as a comparison I stopped right in the middle of this stream and stuck my face in it.  

Photo from Body.inmotion

What a gorgeous day for some mountain therapy.  

We pre-ordered a medal - I love these wooden ones.  If we do more events, the charms can be added.

The finisher food was perfection (every other race should take notes).  Cheetos and watermelon being my personal favourites. 

On the way out we stopped at Joel and Ellie's bridge from The Last of Us because of course we did.

Great race, super well organized, amazing food, people and scenery. 10/10. Have a look:  5 Peaks Central Alberta.


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