Prairie Mountain 2024 Version

Prairie Mountain    8.5 km      714 m elevation gain

We first did this trail in 2015, it's only 45 mins from the house so it's an easy win for great scenery and a good workout.  Since we started paying fees for Kananaskis it got a big revamp, the new switchback route is in red over the previous blue steeper route.  This has also added roughly half a km to the route.

Routes join from parking areas on both sides, and the first section is now switchbacks to reach the join.  There's already a nice view.

Two of the previously steeper sections now have switchbacks (right) and also stairs (left).  This is handy for the runners coming back down while I inch my way up.  We started early so most of our company was in the form of runners and I really enjoyed that.  

The gorgeous viewpoints on the way up have big boulders to sit on now.  Also okay. 

The final hellishly steep part (that I've fallen on more than once) is now switchbacks, and the trail comes out of the tree line to the same lovely ridge walk up to the summit.  The views are 360.

The budget did not stretch to a summit flag.

We saw a small group of people hiking up with enormous packs....and just look at this madness.  The packs became seats which impressed me a great deal.  So much entertainment.

It's such a lovely view across to Moose.  The journey down was predictably busier, but a lot quicker if you're attempting to run it.  By the time we were headed off in the car the entirety of Calgary plus dogs had entered the trail en masse.


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