Hills, Squirrels & a Short Long Run

We started out with our second last hills session on Thursday and graduated from Showhome Hill to Big Bastard Hill.

It was somewhat challenging with the heat and numerous skateboarders flying down it.  One more go at it next week then we're done.  I went over on my ankle right at the end but seem to be okay.  Lovely.

Friday was the last pre-marathon hot yoga night.

I over stretched my back and have incredibly stiff hips - lucky weekend!

Saturday was the long run, supposed to be 20k but actually 13k and a mood.  I was knackered, I hurt and really didn't want to be in the hot sun.  I did see a lot of beautiful stuff.

I took the east path up by McKenzie Meadows and had the place to myself, except for squirrels & deer.  There are some big areas of missing pathways and it ends in a pile of stones and gravel.  If you want to make it to the bridge you'll need to fight through the bushes or cut over the golf course.

There were sprinklers watering the remains of the pathway (and the edge of the golf course) pretty thoroughly, squirrels were playing in it on my way back.  Too far away for a picture unfortunately.

Used to be the pathway

It was quite the adventure.  A very slow painful run, but had it been a hike I would have been delighted!

I have the chiropractor and acupuncturist lined up for early this week, hopefully they can salvage my wreck of a body.


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