Taper Time! Wait, that Means...


I registered for 'my' marathon on Feb 11 two days after the Hypothermic Half.  Since then I have run 4 Half Marathons in Calgary and California, developed an ITBS injury (Run for L'Arche), then made the injury worse in my Sat/Sun Half duo (HollywoodSan Luis Obispo).  I ran Calgary with pain from the get-go. The process of recovery has been horribly frustrating.

The key factors for me have been acupuncture (vanduzzis!), my Pro-Tec IT Band, and a new pair of minimal zero drop shoes.  Until I got the shoes my knee just wasn't getting a chance to heal and was constantly inflamed.  Probably because I refused to stop running.

I have increased my distance to 20 miles using run/walk, something I have never done before (and don't like) but which is necessary for recovery.  There was pain/stiffness of different degrees right up until the 30k run.  That is the first run since April that has been entirely clear of any issues other than total exhaustion and general all over pain.  Success - yay!?

25k - July 13/13 (Shoe breakthrough)
30k - July 27/13 (Slow & steady)
32.2k - Aug 10/13 (Just let me die)

I have been doing my long runs consistently at 6 hour marathon pace.  Kaua'i has a lot of elevation gain at 672m (2205 ft) and the same elevation loss, and I expect it will be hot and humid so that will slow me up.

So, I am trying to liberate myself from time goals.

This is going to be the one and only time I line up for my FIRST marathon so I am not going to put pressure on myself to meet time goals based entirely on what's considered acceptable to others.  I am going to enjoy everything, take pictures, talk to people, enjoy the Kaua'i countryside and run as much of the course as I possibly can.  And hopefully not die.

Finish line = success.  Then I will proceed directly to the ocean.  Because it's Hawaii!


  1. I think my mom is running the half at Kaua'i? She loves it there and I hear the course is beautiful!

    It sounds like you have a fantastic approach for your first marathon. Have fun!!

    1. Thanks Leana :) Small world! Must admit I've heard a lot of good things so far, ready to get 'er done now!


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