Nearly Go Time

Well here we are less than 24 hours from Race Day - from Marathon Day. I'm also on the beautiful paradise island of Kaua'i which makes it all quite surreal.  It is hot here, yesterday we had a short morning run at 8am and I was a sweaty mess. The humidity coupled with the sun is tough.

We picked up our race kit at the Expo yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Bart Yasso, Dean Karnazes and Jeff the race director who is responsible for all the hills we'll see tomorrow.

Bart was thrilled we had chosen this as our first, he advised leaving the Garmin at home and enjoying the experience.

Dean gave us a 'you crazy?' look then asked us just that out loud.

We will be heading back to the Expo today to hear more speakers and hang out then it will be an early night for our early start tomorrow.

Right now I'm not sure I can do this.  I am mostly just terrified!


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