When I see numbers beginning with a 3 on the schedule I become afraid.  It's a long long way to run (if I may quote Julie Andrews) and it means we are getting closer to the marathon.  Everything counts now.  Last year my 30k was painful, it was too hot and I did not want to do it.  I tried not to think about that too much, I put my shoes on and got my rear out the door.  Into the cold.

It was chilly, -6C with -12 wind chill despite the promise of 0 in the afternoon.  All the lies!  

Riverwalk murals, a treat near the end - so grey today

So I put one foot in front of the other.  It was freezing, my face went numb and I was not encouraged to sit down as it was too damn cold.  By 22k I realized I had about half the amount of Tailwind recommended for this amount of time and I really did not have much energy.  (By 'not much energy' I mean I wanted to sit on the pathway and cry.  To hell with the marathon).  The wind in my face was so unpleasant I changed my route and spent the last 5k literally running up and down past Eau Claire.  

Finally (FINALLY) my watch hit the magic 30.00.  It took 3 hrs 46 mins at a 7:32/km pace.  Last year I ran at 8:24/km pace.  Yes, I am extremely happy with that time.  But, I am not happy at all with how awful I felt over the last 10k or so.  My legs were strong and the rest of me was a mess.  

Next long run: more Tailwind, extra measured powder in the car to grab & fill up midway plus my bag of Energy Bits should have arrived so I can take them for an energy boost at 20k.  Would it be possible for all this snow and cold to end now do you think?  I would quite like to do my 32.2k in the WARM.

This sums up the day:

4 more training weeks to the marathon!  I lost 2lbs last week putting my weight loss at 5lbs total with 6 more to go - hurrah!  I may not shift 6, but even another 3lbs would be awesome.  If I train hard over the next 4 weeks I feel like I just might be able to pull this craziness off.


  1. Nice job on the 30k run! Love that shot you got of the peace bridge. Where were the murals?

    1. Thanks Leigh, the murals are right across from the Drop In Centre at the edge of East Village, there are quite a few and so colourful! The goddess holding the beaver was my favourite I think.


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