Elvis Moves, Non-Diet Progress and 25k

Thursday Zumba (which has evolved significantly from last week's Latin session) remains the highlight of this week as I found myself galloping across our workout room floor slapping my arse enthusiastically to Viva Las Vegas.  You have not lived until you have done this with gleeful abandon.  In fact, load up the tune and go do it right now.  It will make you feel better about anything and everything.  (I won't tell anyone).

I started eating better last Monday and managed successfully to get through the week with no donuts, Wendy's, chocolate, chips (crisps) or a nervous breakdown.  Learning point #1 - banish all tempting junk from the house.  A cheesecake sat in the fridge and taunted me all week.  The bastard.

The result?  After a week I have lost 3lbs.  Only 8lbs and 7 weeks to go!

We finally had warm weather at the weekend, just in time for my 25k (16 mile) training run.  I am still attempting to locate my legs after a lot of slow races so I went out and did what I could without collapsing.

To PR in the marathon I must better an 8:27 km (13:36 mile) pace.  On Saturday I ran at 7:25 km (11:56 mile) pace.  Hurrah!  I tried out Nike + on my shiny new I-Phone and was super impressed with all these neat stats.  Since it was my first run, all of these apply to Sat.  Things are looking up for sure.

Last year my 25k was done at an 8:28 km pace so I am calling this damn fine progress.

We ran from Eau Claire to Shouldice Park, then did quite a few loops around the bridges near the car.  Someone finished long before someone else then got them a Jugo Juice - thank you dear!


  1. Congrats on a successful week of dieting! Those donuts get me every time!

  2. oh my. Visualizing YOU galloping across the workout room floor slapping yer arse enthusiastically to Viva Las Vegas definately makes me wanna do the same. Oh wait. I ran a bunch to that tune and put it on youtube. go figure. Great minds.....


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