46 Days to Marathon

That went by fast!  I now have 5 and a half training weeks to go.  This doesn't include the week we travel to Pittsburgh (race week).  Speed repeats are going well every week and I have started hill repeats which I enjoy believe it or not.  Long runs have very much been hit or miss.  Saturday was bad, 15k became 6k.  I think it's a mental thing, some runs I just cannot get into.  I need to figure this out.

Sunday hills featured our old friend Showhome Hill this week and the weather was gorgeous!

Coming up: Run for L'Arche Half this Saturday and a 30k training run the following weekend.  The 25k/Half/30k/32.2k are the training biggies, I will also have an idea of marathon time after completing them.  Deep breath, one at a time.

Housekeeping note: I didn't lose or gain weight last week.  This week I am moving on and hoping for more progress.  8lbs to go!

The Marathon

So let's have a quick look at the Marathon course.  We start in downtown Pittsburgh, cross 5 bridges over 3 rivers then hit a big uphill at the half split (after Birmingham Bridge), note: turn RIGHT not LEFT, I will finally see the Cathedral of Learning (which I call the Ghostbusters building) in Oakland, pass through East Liberty then drop back into downtown for the finish.

I have no intention of driving the course before the race as I will utterly terrify myself.  Do you do that?  Are you crazy?!


  1. I hear you on the mental part of long runs...mine haven't been going so well for that exact reason. I'll see you this weekend at the Run for L'Arche :)

    1. See you this weekend, it will be a nice diversion from training runs.

  2. been feeling mental...yup...it is not heklping the long runs sitch! not at all. LArch will get one more longer run outta the way! And we can chill...uintil the next long run. :-) Also...only whackjobs drive the route race. who does that????? :-)


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