7 Days to Marathon (Deja Vu)

This is strange, my brain still thinks I should be eating ice cream after the last one but no.

3 weeks ago today this happened:


I have had the flu/cough/whatever for 2 weeks so speed training just didn't happen.  Neither did hill training.  I got in my 2 long runs including the Red Deer Half last weekend.  Looking back I thought I was raring to go before Pittsburgh but reading this post makes me realize not so much.

I lost the vacation weight so I'm exactly back where I was at 132.  *breathes a sigh of relief*

I have no physical issues at all. No injuries, just stiffness after the Half.  Even my blisters have cleared up.  Quick - we must run all the things!

Calgary goals

Don't have a mental collapse in the first half of the race
How many people get the chance to run a marathon?  It is a privilege - enjoy the achievement.
Keep pace slightly below 7:29/km (5:15) for a PR

All the major elevation gain is between 10-20 km in this race which will make it interesting as this is where typically I don't do so well.  I'm going to think of it as a challenge.  I know a lot of people running this one which is awesome, there will be lots of 'happy runners with giant shiny medals' pics at the finish.

Is it just me or does anyone else have issues figuring out where the hell you're at time-wise during a marathon?  Other than sticking to a rough km pace I typically have no clue unless I'm at the Half point, because I can just about manage to multiply by 2.  I could not have told you a projected finish time in my last race if my life depended on it - at the Half it would have been 5:25, but then I negative split to finish in 5:15.

In case you were wondering, there is a simply enormous medal/belt buckle/bottle opener waiting at the finish line.  Hello beautiful.


  1. Good luck on race day! There definitely is some climbing from 10-20kms, so take it easy there and then push it after the half way mark (if you can of course!) I can't wait to hear how everyone's races went

    1. Thanks Leigh, good to know. I'm sorry you're missing this one :(

  2. faaaaaaaaaack. yes. i shall chase you -- is that a strategy? i wanted a PR but that means running slightly faster and finishing by 5:10. I figure go out get 10km back off, but push up the next 10km hill climb...then see how happy we all are and go from there. I might have some music strategically placed to ensure so extra pep! lol. lord. yes. a challenge...let' s get er done.

    1. Yes, a challenge! Let's get this done my dear, I think chasing someone is a strategy but I would advise picking someone with a nice arse.


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