What an awesome race weekend we had in Pittsburgh! We're still here for a week so here's a quick summary. Race reports will follow after we get back.

5k on Saturday:

My first ever sub-30 min 5k and a new PR! Not bad for a pre-marathon shakeout run.

Then there was the marathon on Sunday:

I had a good 10k, hellish next 10 then a very solid second half for a 5:15 final time. That's a 41 min PR and I am so happy!!  Kev ran a sub-4 (3:56) for a 52 min PR. Wow. 

The hockey has been so much fun, we were able to hobble out to the game after the race yesterday. We may have stopped for a pitcher of IC Light en route.  The best times.

And here's the bling.


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    1. Thank you Leigh :) I hope you are well on the road to recovery.

  2. LOVE the medals!! damn good races you two. Especially the #magnificetbastard GOOD JOB you two!!


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