Back and Forward

Looking back

Pittsburgh was brilliant, we had great races, beautiful weather, way too much food, 3 playoff games and an all around awesome time catching up with friends.

I can't believe we've been back for almost a week.  On Friday last week we were getting ready for a game where we could clinch a series. This Friday we are golfing and firing the GM.

I am very happy with my race but there are a few things to work on as always.  I have to deal with the issues (which I think are mental) I seem to have in the first half.  Maybe I'll try breaking it down more and focus on each quarter?

I took a couple of food items with me as I wear the hydration pack and once again didn't touch them.  Instead (again) I ate a couple of things - pretzels, oranges, out on the course.  No more carting food around for me!  I'll stick to my Tailwind and Energy Bits.

My shoes were amazing, I found the Brooks Pure Flow after realizing I loved the Pure Grits I had been wearing on trails.  I had 2 minor blisters which I didn't even notice, no toenail problems, no discomfort and I didn't ever need to adjust my laces.  Huge success.

Looking forward

I will have a good opportunity to try these things out as my next marathon is in 3 weeks (!!) here in Calgary on June first.  My goal is to improve on the first half of my race.

The training plan is fairly mild between now and then, I will be back in the gym doing speed repeats every week and plan a 21k long run this weekend followed by a 13k next weekend.  I'm in a reverse tapering/recovery/tapering/focusing phase all at once which is different.  Right now it's hard to imagine taking on 42.2km.

I also have to get rid of the cold/flu/whatever the hell it is I've had since coming back.

Plus, there will be no more of this behaviour until after the race:

I have no self control whatsoever.  Honestly.


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