Liebster Two Times

Thank you to my fellow bloggers Leana over at Runner Leana and Darilyn at Time to Just Get Moving! for nominating me for a Liebster Award.  Pop over and visit them!

As a new blogger this means you get to know me a bit better, you lucky bastards!  However it also means I had some homework to do, 10 questions to answer from each.  Since some were similar I used a bit of creative license:

What is one piece of gear you own (not shoe or technology related) that you wear all the time? Favorite piece of fitness/exercise gear and why?

Anything that doesn't chafe or irritate me is just fine.  I love my Nike shorts, they are so comfortable to run in I don't even notice them.  I have 7 pairs I think....

Do you wear different shoes for different workouts, or do you wear the same shoes all the time? 

I've been through a fair amount of shoes in just 4 years of running!  Right now I have gym/indoor shoes (Nike Free), outdoor running shoes (Brooks PureFlow) and trail shoes (Brooks Pure Grit & Altra Lone Peak).  No doubt more to follow.

What is your favourite post workout snack?  What is your go-to post-workout snack?

No idea, I have not figured this out at all.  Sometimes a Clif Bar, chocolate milk, banana, green shake or just straight out to a restaurant - depends on my laziness level on the day.

How do you find time to fit in training?

I have a schedule which is coordinated with Kev and his football games etc.  I register for lunch fitness classes at work so that takes care of cross training.  I keep a spreadsheet on my desktop and a training log at work where I track what I did so that keeps me accountable and motivated to get the training in.

Do you like to workout in the morning, at lunch, or in the evening?

Lunch and evening.  I cannot imagine getting up at 4 am to do anything coherently.

Do you listen to music when you run?  Why or why not?  What are you top 3 workout songs?

On roads, always.  Trails, no.  I need something to drown out the sound of my panting!  Current fave tracks: in at number 1 with a bullet Gunther - The Ding Dong Song, 2 Pitbull - We Run the Night, 3 Runrig - Loch Lomond.  I try to change things up as much as possible.  I had a Boney M phase recently.

Do you prefer to run in a loop or run an out and back? 

I love loop courses, if I'm struggling I don't really need to know I will still have to pass that tree/bridge/uphill again before the finish.  Surprises are good.  I also refuse to drive any marathon course before running it.

Why do you blog?

To stop myself becoming a crazy person.  I probably take running too seriously so it's nice to have an outlet for all the thoughts and plans and general madness.  Plus it keeps me focused on a goal and has allowed me to connect with other crazy running persons.  My BBF's (best bitchy friends) whom I love dearly were met via blogging.

What is your number one goal for this year?   What is the goal that you want to reach by the end of 2014?

It was originally to run 2 marathons within a month, which I have now done.  I have another goal I'll be talking about soon, stay tuned!

Tell me about your favourite race medal. 

Kauai is my favourite, the first time I saw it was when someone handed it to me at the finish line and it meant I had run a marathon.  I have very deep feelings for that little guy.  It's a bottle opener too, perfect!

What motivates you to get outside and train on cold/snowy/rainy days?  How do you train in extreme weather (cold, heat, rain, wind, etc)?

Fear motivates me!  In 2013 I lost my fitness level and gained a few Personal Worst times.  I hated it, I hated running.  I never want to be back there again.  In the cold I layer, add hand warmers and fill my hydration pack with hot water.  In the heat I wear a hat, drink electrolytes and put ice in my bra.  In the rain I whine like a little girl.

What has been your hardest training moment so far?

At the start of 2014 we drove out to run a 10k (or thereabouts) on the pathways in Fish Creek.  It was still very snowy.  After literally 0.5k my legs were burning and I just couldn't keep running.  I managed 2k of utter crap then went back to the car where I had to wait over an hour for Kev to get back.  That sucked.  I felt like a total failure, I was already registered for the Pittsburgh Marathon and thought I was screwed.

What is your most memorable run?  What has been your favorite event so far?

It has to be the Kauai Marathon.  The location, smells, sounds, weather, and terrain were so exotic it was completely surreal.   I ran past Dean Karnazes out on the course.  That was a race I feel I lived every single minute of.  It was incredible.

 How do you respond to people who ask you "Why" (i.e. why on earth would you sign up for that event?!)?

I'm discovering that I can do things I thought I never could.  I want to keep challenging and pushing myself, bring it on!  Why limit yourself?

The next part of Liebster is to nominate 10 other newer bloggers and give them 10 questions each. Since most of my bloggy friends have been nominated multiple times recently, why don't you decide if you would like to join in and answer my questions?  I would LOVE to hear from you!  Answer my 10 questions on your blog and leave me a link to your post in the comments below or tweet @dothingsalways

1. How did you start running?

2. Have you ever had or witnessed any fitness related wardrobe malfunctions?  Details!
3. Which part of training do you enjoy the most, and which do you hate?
4. Do you have an absolute favourite pair of running shoes?
5. Do you have a mantra or anything you focus on during the rough parts of a race?
6. Tell me all about your very first race
7. If you could run with anyone, living or otherwise, who would you choose and why?
8. Who inspires you?
9. Do you have a weakness for any particular unhealthy (or gasp - healthy) food item?
10. Would you book a vacation around a race and if so, where would it be?  Have you done this already?!


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