One Month, Two Marathons, Toenails?

I didn't plan it quite this way but I've done a heck of a lot in the past month.  When I decided to run two marathons close together I had some concerns about my toenails (not to mention everything else) having previously lost 40% of them after my first marathon.  That just sucked.  Alas, myself and the Altra Intuitions sadly had to separate.

May 3

A sub-30 5k (29:13) and new PR in Pittsburgh

May 4

My second marathon and a 41 min PR (5:15) in Pittsburgh

May 18

Half marathon (fastest half of the year 2:24) in Red the pouring rain

June 1

My third marathon in 5:25 in Calgary

So what happened to my toenails?

Nothing!  They were very happy indeed after both marathons.

Let's see what else I can do to them this year!  The rest of me also appears to be fine, nothing in the way of pain or injuries or even blisters to speak of.  Awesome.  After losing so much fitness and time to ITBS last year I felt this was a bit risky however things have gone very well.  I suspect regular preventive accu & chiro visits and a good training base has helped.

Next Up

Millarville Run to the Farmers' Market Half this Saturday (June 14th).  Here's a little snippet from the rules:

Disqualification will result if any participant steals a horse and rides it to the finish line.   For your own safety, do not enter a field with a horse you don’t know.

This will be fun!


  1. You're kicking butt and breaking PB's all over the place! Congrats on some amazing runs this season.

    1. Thank you! :) After a crap end to 2013, I feel like things are going in the right direction at last.

  2. huzzzah for you!! also you will love millarville. It really is nice. If I wasn't in the mountains bein chased by bears I would have had to run for sticky buns too! An the hill isn't really all THAT bad! lol

  3. Love that first picture with you and hubby! The smiles say it all! Bravo! Your toenails look amazing!

    1. I like that photo too, I'm out of breath probably so we aren't arguing :)

  4. What the crap, Millarville. Taking the fun out of everything.
    Can't steal a horse. Pffffft.

    1. I saw a couple sitting there all saddled up too :) Dammit!


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