My Next Goal for 2014

Heading into 2014 I was not running well.  At all.  I set a Half PW right off the bat then despaired of getting my shit back together.  I have clawed my way back to run 2 marathons, PR a 5k and get into the ballpark of my Half PR.  Halle-effing-lujah.

So.  I have been staring at my Detroit Finisher Certificate for approximately 615 days.  It is the last time I got a PR in a Half. It is taped up above my desk at work.

My next goal is to set a shiny new Half PR at the Edmonton Marathon on August 24th.  In 2012 I ran a 12 minute PR there.  Now I am not one to avoid hills.  In this case however I am absolutely avoiding hills.

I do not do well with time goals.  They stress the hell out of me.  I think it is time to train hard at an aggressive pace and have a good try at this though.  FYI I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and have been afraid to hit publish.  Good grief.  Balls out time.

Edmonton was bloody hot in 2012
Cue speed training.


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