October Firsts

On Sunday I am running my first ever trail race at the Grizzly Ultra in Canmore.  I have been running trails for a year or two (entirely for fun) and I have been hiking mountain trails for over ten years.  But a race??  I have no idea how the time pressure and volume of other runners out there with me will affect things.  Have I mentioned I love the solitude of the mountains?  Oh I did?  I am running legs 2 and 4, Kev has 1, 3 & 5 so we have breaks in between each.  We are Team Confused Moose.  I hope it doesn't snow.

Technically that will be my first relay race, but there's a huge one on the agenda for the following weekend - Banff Ekiden.  This is a 5 person relay and I will be joining my fellow Little Bloggy Bluebirds Michelle, Cori, Lindsay and Tina.  I am over the moon/rainbow excited to be running with these awesome ladies.  Cori created our logo, we have a bit of a theme going on (can you tell what it is yet?!)  There will be a few firsts on the running outfit front for me as well, but I can't be giving that away now can I?  Look out for some interesting hashtags October 18th #myunicornsharted


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    1. Thanks Leigh! It's going to be very entertaining I think!

  2. and you KILLED it!!! it was soo tough and challenging and AWESOME

    1. It was indeed a lot of fun! Thanks for making me do it!

  3. oh dear ... once you go costume... you never go back. I'm worried for you :)

  4. Two relays. You rocked them both! Oh the memories and the bungles!


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