Rounding Up Maui Warrior 2014

When I was looking into this challenge I wasn't able to find a whole lot of bloggy race detail or opinion.  Here are some overall thoughts I have on the 3 races plus the additional 10k Kev ran (for 'fun').

* Both race days had parking for flat rate $5 at Whalers Village if you showed bib on exit.

* Secret washrooms - indoors on top level of Whalers (next to Malibu Shirts), zero line ups all weekend even when portapotty queues were huge.  Luxury!

* Same bib for all 3 races, it was a bit battered by the end.

* Marathon Foto took pictures at all the races, even the 1 mile.  Way more pictures than I expected.

* I ordered extra small Ts for everything as they are unisex.  All 4 were available in the correct size.  The Warrior & Half Ts are especially nice.  All collected in advance at the Expo and some extras for sale at the finish line on Sun for $10.

* Inknburn did special issue race tops, well worth ordering in advance.

* This was the first year finisher medals were given for the 5k/10k & 1 Mile.

* Rudy the RD was involved and enthusiastic at every point.  One of the friendliest races I've ever experienced.  Loads of Facebook updates leading up to the race.

* Paper race results were posted fast after every race, plus your results for each race were emailed to you.  Thanks Racewire.

10k 6:30am Sat (Full Warrior)

Meet at 6:20 Whalers Village then walk en masse to the start by the edge of the golf course at Paradise Grill.  No start timing mat (gun time race).  First 200m of race is over grass before joining the highway shoulder into Lahaina, turn at Hard Rock.  People had strollers, no idea how they managed with a tight running lane and initial grass section.

Medal & T-shirt from Hard Rock.

5k 8:00am Sat (Half Warrior)

Start/Finish at Whalers.  Timing mats start/finish. 3 out and backs, very limited lane closures.  On the second branch there is a bloody big hill.  Hot and sunny. Hang out and get breakfast or walk on the beach at Whalers after if you're not horribly sweaty.  Your car is easily accessed (2 min walk), bring a change of clothes/shoes.

Medal & T-shirt from Maui Tacos.  Love the donkey wearing a race bib!

1 Mile 3pm Sat (Half & Full Warrior)

I wasn't sure about adding a race in the middle of the afternoon (parking was challenging) but actually the most fun we had out of all the races.  Run in waves, various kids age groups, female elites, male elites, more kids (they are fast little buggars), adults at 4:20pm (billed as 4pm in race guide). I think we were running late as the masters/open groups were combined.  Great fun watching the kids and elites run, be prepared to get to the line fast for your start, there wasn't much warning.  Start/finish Bubba Gump restaurant, timing mats, run through Lahaina turning around Banyan Tree Square.  Front Street is closed to traffic. Just a fantastically lovely course.  Loads of spectators.  We had dinner at Bubba Gump after, part of it sits over the ocean and it has a tree growing through the centre.  Beat that.

Medal & T-shirt from Bubba Gump.  Superb & medal was not expected.

Half Marathon 5am Sun (Half Warrior)

5am start. Start/finish at Whalers.  First hour in the dark, 1 lane of highway closed.  If you haven't trained in heat/humidity be prepared to enjoy the scenery and volunteer/spectator support instead of focusing on time.  Don't miss all the good stuff!  Right by the ocean the entire time.  As the sun rises, roosters are crowing along the sides of the route.  Awesome mist tunnel, fresh fruit, cold water & sponges on course.  Even more challenging after the sun comes up and it gets 'properly' hot.  Lots of photogs in Lahaina - smile!  Do not abandon the race to go into the house advertising kittens (cough).

Huge medal & great finisher T-shirts for Half & Warrior.  Half Warrior medal at finish line.  Showers too.  I saw a shave ice truck but it was a bit hot and I had to find shade to sit in right away.  There was Tru Moo chocolate milk, it always makes me happy!

Overall I thought it was an awesome unique challenge in a fantastic location.  In 2015 you can have a go at the Ultimate Warrior - 10k/5k/1 mile/Full Marathon!


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