Maui Marathon 10k (by Kev), 5k and Mile Sept 20, 2014

I previously put together a roundup with thoughts on the many races we ran in Maui this year, it's taken a bit longer to get round to the actual race reports!

Hard Rock 10k

We are up bright (actually dark) and early to station ourselves at Whalers Village for the morning races.  I really enjoyed being a 10k supporter and hanging out at the finish line.  Kev ran it so here he is with his race report:

6:28 AM, the Hard Rock 10k is about to get underway and the heat and humidity is already noticeable.  The lack of a proper start line makes me realize this will be a gun timed race, so I try to position myself accordingly, which isn’t the easiest as at this point it’s not entirely clear where we start.

The first 400m of the race is across a golf course which is damp from overnight sprinklers and littered with large tropical leafs and palm fronds forcing runners to pay close attention to their footsteps, everyone is vying for position before we get to the road.  Once on the road the next 2k is on the hard shoulder as no lanes have been closed for this event, there is no shade along this section so the way back should be fun.

There was a Japanese fellow dressed as a mountain at the start line, watching him sprint of ahead of me now makes me wonder how he will manage in this heat, it should be noted that it is an impressive costume and not some half-arsed attempt of mildly appropriately colored running attire.

On to Front Street and the running gets a bit easier as one side has been closed off for us, very friendly and well stocked aid stations are greatly appreciated.  Between 4-5k and Mount Fuji is already flying by on the return leg with a big grin on his face high fiving any takers.  It’s impossible to not be motivated by that kind of performance and I try to step up the pace a bit.

Heading back along the highway the sun is out with a vengeance, I mentally note that by adding the 10k, planning to run the half with Sue tomorrow is a wise decision.  There is no way I’m doing any kind of decent half in these conditions.

The last kilometer is a slog but eventually I’m across the finish line in a respectable 48 minutes; I quickly seek the shade of a large tree to recover knowing I have around 40 minutes before I have to toe the line for the 5k; I’m quite pleased to see Sue armed with a bottle of water and some salty Prawn Cracker like crisps.

Me again.  Mount Fuji was fast!  He won his AG in 44:22.  I watched him finish, still with that big smile on his face.  Also of note, the overall winner was Polina Carlson of Hawaii, who ran a personal best of 35:05.  She was amazing to watch, so strong.

Maui Tacos 5k

Before the race, non sweaty pic

After I drag Kev off the grass we head over for the 5k start.  We meet Don in a kilt from PA who is running the 5k/10k/mile and marathon.  So now we are all lined up at the finish line, reverse!  Announcements are done in English and then Japanese which is neat though apparently none of us were listening to them.

It is pretty warm so we are going to run this race based on effort not pace.  The first leg goes past a hotel and we dodge a bemused tourist trying to load golf clubs into his car. We pass the start area again and head toward whatever-the-area-with-Round-Table-Pizza-in-it is called.  Uphill!  Uphill!  

I'm hotter than all hell.  Walking now.  Another turnaround and I might be purple.  Down the big hill now and off to the right.  Isn't this heat something?  More walking.  Final push to the finish, high fiving Lou and Randy and we are spent!  That was fun.  Not-a-PR of 32:44.  Ooh donkey medal.

Near the start, only red not purple yet, where did my waist go?

Zebra flying round the corner

Kev ran a PR of 24:26 which was most impressive after the teeny 40 min break he had after the 10k.

We got changed and sat at Whalers after for some french toast while watching the awards ceremony.  After that it was back to the condo until we left for the mile race at 2.30pm.

Bubba Gump Front St Mile

When we started running in 2011 Kev would be very supportive in running behind me capturing photos of  the race my arse.  So here we are in 2014 and he's taken one I quite like.  It must be the shorts.

After a frenzied dash to the start area we are set loose into Lahaina.   Damn it is pretty.  I love this course.  It is 4 in the afternoon and hot hot so I am running based on effort level.  Every 1/4 mile is marked.  The turn point is a large loop around Banyan Tree Park, glorious.  My watch shows the first km in 5:40 and we are now heading toward the finish.  I decide under a 9 min mile would be nice and push my sweaty self over the finish at 8:54 (5:32 km overall pace).  Boy it is hot indeed.  Why thank you I will take one of those frozen Jamba Juice cups.

Nearly at the finish, most purple, excuse my white thighs

I recover in time to cheer Kev on to a 5:45 mile finish.  Yes, our tops match.

Pegging it to the finish

Can we eat now?

Before I get over excited at all the lovely deep fried menu items in Bubba Gump, Kev reminds me we are in fact running a half marathon tomorrow at 5am (the pasta was very good).  Wait what?


  1. Looking great!! Loving all the InB :) Those Maui races look so fun, must put them on my bucket list!

    1. Thanks Terry, it was a lot of fun (and a great excuse for a Maui trip). I love all my InB stuff, so does Kev - we appreciate the discount code :) We may already have ordered more of the things....

  2. Ha ha awesome recap! Love the pics. Sounds like a blast. You're right that's a great pic of you from behind! Strong legs!

    1. Running & Maui, can't go wrong! My arse appreciates your kind words ;)

  3. Ahh, this looks like such a fun weekend of racing! I must add this to my list. Also, I must say you two have awesome outfits going on.

    1. Thank you dahling! Totally fun, I highly recommend this if you get the chance, you would love it.

  4. I'd love to do a mile race. Good to see the 'correct' spelling of the A word too!

    1. There are some other UK words I am particularly fond of that alas cannot appear here ;) The mile was great fun, wish they would add that to a local event.


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