Race Additions, Sod It All and Arse

Those aren't the race names but I'd run them if they were. Imagine the medals.

Dockweiler (source)

Last week we might have booked (we did book) a short trip to LA over Christmas, with a couple of small fun races attached.

Dec 25th   -  Half on Santa Monica Beach -  A Better World Running (also offers 5k/10k/15k)
Dec 26th   -  Half on Dockweiler Beach -  Operation Jack  (also offers a Full)

They both look beautiful (beach pathways! sand! no snow!) and I think it's a rather awesome way to spend Christmas.  I may pin a reindeer about my personage.  The purpose is to do something active somewhere lovely. Typically I gain weight over the festive period.  Absolutely no PR attempts, just strong happy runs.

On Christmas evening we're going to our first NBA game.  More awesome.

And then crap.

I can't run/zumba/attend fitness classes/do shit all right now as my Achilles is inflamed.  I'm icing it daily and have booked laser therapy next week to speed healing. I found a lump on it where it's fraying so I have to stop pretending it's just random pain. My chiropractor caught it yesterday and yelled. When he looks alarmed and says things like 'absolutely not' to my list of planned activities I listen to him.

I have a 3 month plan to lose 11lbs, work on core fitness and do some structured running (speed/hills/longs) so that will have to change - but not all of it.  It's taken me a while to get refocused this year and I'm not letting go of that.  Also, I took the 'before' picture on the weekend.  I'll drop my distance in the first race but I have every intention of being back running ASAP.


  1. Now THAT, is my kind of Christmas! Have a blast!

    1. Thanks Kristy, that is definitely the plan after we escape the snow :)

  2. I sure hope your achilles is on board. Rest & heal up crazy!

    1. It better be, this is not an acceptable state of affairs! Thanks, I certainly will!

  3. Sounds like a good Christmas plan to me!!

  4. Oh no! I hope that Achilles get's on board with things! Sounds like a lovely way to spend Christmas, be sure to post lots of pictures, and braggy stuff about the temperature for those of us stuck here in winter :)

  5. Archilles is being an asshole. Have you told him that? GO slow and steady and you ill be right for spring! and shorts will totally be a thing.have all the fun, just dont get sand in the shorts. Not so fun


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