Eyeball The Wall 15k May 2, 2015

This was going to be a 30k training run for the 50k so it was disappointing for me to move back to 15 on Saturday.  The race itself was very well put together, great location, fab bling and a ton of enthusiasm.  Also, a hint of snow.  I have never run around Glenmore and I loved the new scenery.

If I was going to sum up my race in one word that word would be struggle.  The first half was good, I felt decent and ran fairly well.  The second half not so much.  I walked here and there to stretch out my Achilles which was niggly but most of the struggle came from a stubborn pain I had down my front.  What the hell even is that?  It wasn't stomach pain, higher up, it wouldn't go away and it sucked.

So. I fought through focusing on how every bloody step would help me in the long run.  I then managed not to have a clue what my pace was until Sunday when Kev downloaded my watch and mentioned it wasn't awful (7:10/km).  I know these tough runs inevitably lead to strong runs.

Photo from Tri It

Since it was freezing I managed to miss Kev and everyone else finishing due to being huddled in the car.  He ran an awesome 30k.  I'm excited to see how his 50 goes, I think he'll rock it.

I froze my ass off trying to take a non blurry selfie at the end.  My favourite running hat is also struggling, at least the S didn't fall off - Run It Fat?

This was a brand new race from Tri-It this year, quite a few people I know also eyeballed the wall - here is my favourite race report from Tina.  (Spoiler; she had all the fun)


  1. mentally this was a hellova race. I would be so happy with a 7:10 time. I had close to that - for the first half - cannot believe I missed you but my turnaround wasn't as close to the finish area - so you guys didn't see me (ermigahhhh) and I didn't see you. the wind was a bastard - so cold. Its so mental sometimes - i felt i was so slow too. But in looking at watch had some stellar moments. I was 25 mins off my goal (wheels sort of came off at 24km and came back on for last 3). but it is what it is - effing flu just before race didnt help. ha. That voice...it speaks to you and it is so hard to get rid of. I am hoping that this 30 helps me get rid of fatty voice for the upcoming halfs. Have all the fun in Portland and you will be awesome (as always) in Calgary. I hear something will be going down (ummm no me tho) in our fair City. hahahahahaah.


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