Looking Forward to Portland!

I'm REALLY excited about Rock n Roll Portland.  It's in less than 2 weeks!!  Recently the famous Portland airport carpet was removed to be replaced with a new one (the horror).  Now that it's found freedom, the carpet will be grand marshal of the Rose Festival's Starlight Parade and is also attending our race.  Well I'm thrilled.  In other news, a carpet has a busier social schedule than I do.

Race goals

Cut out the walking, run a steady race
Aim for around 2:30 time
Save Voodoo donut for AFTER

(One of those goals is close to impossible).

Since VIP was so much fun in San Francisco, we bought it for this race.  Kev will likely be finished way before me so it gives him somewhere to hang out if it rains (I heard that happens sometimes in Portland).

Outfits will be determined closer to race day after the weather forecast is updated, fingers crossed for sunshine.

I can't wait, the fun and excitement of RnR is exactly what I need right now!  Hallelujah! 

The bling is awesome too...

*except Las Vegas


  1. I am soooo jelly! have all the fun. and donut selfie??? oooh yes please. Your plan (minus the wait til after for the donut) sounds like a PLAN! woot #rocknblog

  2. Also. i am bringing a BEER to work. We are testing to see if the medal works! haha

    1. Beer and jelly donuts! Hurrah! Bring your RnR AZ medal, we'll compare how well they open things and have to do more of the drinking :)


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