Monday Monday (A Day in the Life)

Welcome to my Monday!  I am getting together with a bunch of cool people to share a typical day, or possibly to demonstrate how boring I am.

6:20 First most important job; feed the cats.  A task that cannot be missed, right Pepper?  Get off the counter.

7:45 Work. Meh. Giant ass tea picked up from Timmy's en route.  Reporting is happening today.  I moved to the position of Retirement Advisor in Feb this year.

8:00 Panic attack after finding my chiro is away all week.  Dammit, my back has been all to hell since Portland (I'm working on the race report, honest) and I made it worse by trying to run yesterday.  Also, the run was enormously crap.  Shit, a last minute meeting.  Room has a nice view.

9ish Found a chiro downtown who will take me today, hallelujah! Meltdown discontinued.

Around 10:00 Ooooh the Van RnR medal was just revealed!  Oooooh!

11:30 Break for deep breathing with Tina.  We has pretty nails.  I need spray tan.

Weekend medal update ensues.

12ish Back to reporting, fixing errors.  Phone calls, messages, referred calls.  Worky work.  No retirement appointments scheduled today.

This fabulous Scottish record was a gift from a coworker.  We keep it on a shelf to see if anyone notices it when they come in.  Not one of us owns a record player.

2:30 Leaving early, chiro bound.  Wish me luck.

3 - 4  Dr Corey got right in there with ART & adjustments, I can breathe again.  Going back for more tomorrow.  By the end of this week I may even be able to run.

Home at 5:30, feed the cats again.  Mittens behaves like we starve her.

Kev is going out to play football in the pouring rain and possible lightning.  Dinner?  Chicken noodle soup.

How was your Monday?

Find out what this lot got up to!



  1. Your cats are the BEST!!! well, besides my sisters felines. Glad we got a chance to catch up. Gawd will be seeing so MUCH of you this week!!!#allthefeels Friday VIP (can we have a glass of wine?? What would our Coach say? Wait, we don't have a coach. As for spray tan...jesus we ARE white aren't we. haha. I am soooo glad the new chiro dude is a gooder. After my crazy back issue 2 weeks ago (and all the tears) I know how panicy one can get. And you just want it to go away. I have a GREAT feeling about this weekend. So much fun...are you sure I cannot convince you to run in superhero for the 5k? Mittens needs to stop bein a drama queen.

    OH. AND THAT PHOTO!!!! I love that Wonderland Sculpture. Trust YOU to get a new angle!! whooohooo.

    1. Chiro dude is a rockstar! Vino collapse you say? WELL NOW!

  2. Merlin totally believe that I starve him. Then he binges and purges. Yesterday he puked up a piece of plastic (the fuck?!) but I decided not to share it because ew.

    1. ewwwwwwwww. yes no sharsies. Cats are the best tho. such drama queens

    2. Sounds about right, Kev had a little 'present' on his side of the bed when we got home tonight, again ew.

  3. My Monday was busy. Every other Monday sucks because I work until 10 p.m. then I can't get to sleep which means Tuesday sucks. You shouldn't starve your cats. Sad. Feed them!

    1. I'm sending Mittens to Red Deer! In other news, you work too hard ;)

  4. Your cat means business!

    My Monday was uneventful - not as busy as most Mondays

  5. Love your pictures of Mittens! So cute!

    I could eat chicken noodle soup every day and for a while in high school I'm pretty sure I I hope your back feels better. :)

    1. Thank you! I've been having a soup phase lately which dare I say is much better than the time I spent with Chef Boyardee. Oh dear.

  6. that last photo is on point LOL. "is this a camera?" *sticks face into it* is pretty much my friend's cat's daily activity hahahaha

    1. Silly animals! Mittens is probably wondering if it's something to eat.


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