30k and Trail Bears

Initially I wanted to do 4 30k training biggies but it simply hasn't happened.  There's also a 32.2k training run coming up in 2 weeks but Sunday's 30 was do or die on the marathon training front.  I had decided if I couldn't bring this one home I should reconsider the race plans.

So I bloody did.  I brought that 30k home.

Parts were cold, parts were shit, parts hurt but I ran them all.  Sometimes all you need to do is keep moving and ignore everything else.  5k turned into 10, I made it to the bridge, the 15k turnaround, the road, the next bridge, 20k, Big Bastard hill, pushed up all the little hills and finally home.  YES!!

(Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend

It's Grizzly Ultra time on Sunday, we are running the 50k as a relay but changing up the legs from last year.  I decided I needed to work more on core/fitness after the last go around and I've definitely been doing that.  Should be interesting!  I am really excited to get out on some trails.

This is us!


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