33k then Vancouver!

This weekend

The big training run.  I followed the exact same plan as I did for my 30k only extending the route a little bit to make a loop at the north end, and accidentally adding a km for 'fun' as 32.2 became 33.3.  There were some pretty ponds in Carburn Park (my turnaround point).  It was a warm summer day right in the middle of October.

I'd love to tell you how much fun I had but it was very much a git 'er done deal.  One with pain in a number of places.  It is however done!  And now....

Next weekend

Oh would you look at that, we're leaving for Vancouver to run another Rock n Roll remix weekend on Thursday!  I must pack.  I haven't been there since 2008 and I am excited, apparently too excited to actually pack anything.

Here's what's happening:

Saturday 9:30am - 10k
Sunday 8:15am - Half Marathon

These shiny things!  Oooooh.

Race goals

10k - Keep my wig on!  Just wait till you see this.

Half - Maybe I'll go mad and see if I can be speedy?


  1. CraP I hope we keep our hair on! THis is gonna be a ripper!!!! cannot wait!
    ooooh the bling!!!!


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