Rock n Roll San Jose 5k Sept 26, 2015

Phase 1 - new shoes!  I used the Sports Authority gift voucher from my Training Rock Box for a brand new pair of Brooks Pure Connects so I could finally think about retiring my faithful and wonderful (but worn) Pure Flows.  I wore them right out the box for the 5k which of course is not generally advised.

Going into the weekend I wanted to run a good sub-30 min 5k then a comfortably paced Half.  I was crazy nervous about Saturday.  Kev was going to run with me so I told him my game plan which was to run kms 1-4 at around 5:50 pace, kick up km 5 if I had anything left then pick up a shiny medal.  I wasn't really sure I could do that.

We were staying at the Fairmont so it was extremely easy just to head outside and find the start line.

We popped into corral 2 and waited.  I love race starts as everyone is full of energy and being part of that just makes me happy.  The anthem is sung beautifully.  Deep breaths, here we go.  Time to DO THIS.

Km 1 (5:50) -  start out too fast, Kev slows me down frequently.  Not too hot, breathe. 

Km 2 (5:48) - steady pace.  We pass Barefoot Elvis, he's awesome.

Km 3 (5:50) - starting to feel like work, it's hot, the sun's out. Halfway! Don't think about it, focus on the km I'm in.

Km 4 (5:47) - general crappiness, tired.  Blah, meh.  Keep moving.  It's only discomfort, push through.

Km 5 (5:30) - glance at my watch early, it shows 6:17 pace oh shit. Speed up.  Keep clicking down the distance.  Want to walk SO bad.  Don't do it.  No idea what my pace is now, just keep moving.

Last bit 60m (4:28 pace) - didn't even think about running tangents, forgot about the 'extra bit'.  There's the finish line, get yelled at to sprint sprint! Clock shows 30 something, crap when did we start? Panic & sprint to stop the damn clock. 

Kev is celebrating, I'm trying to deal with a heaving stomach.  Medal?  Nope, escape to side of finish chute and sit in panting heap on pavement.  I've always wondered what it felt like to run so hard you feel this bad!

A few minutes later after water and a medal are fetched:

Sub 30 min and a new PR of 28:59 - huge success, much happy!

Hello sweetie.


  1. Congratulations on the PR! (Just like Deena!)

  2. You look fabulous. Congrats on the new PR! Great post too. Loved it!

    1. It's nice to see a bit of progress this year, thanks Crystal.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Leana! I remembered what you said about getting comfortable being uncomfortable in this one :)


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