Lost Soul Ultra 100k Pre-race Thoughts

11 legs, 101.4 km, 2280.6 metres.  September 9th.  Lethbridge.

Lolz, it doesn't seem feasible.  I get that people happily run extraordinary distances, sometimes even for fun, but 100k seems a rather large undertaking for me.  I am not a person to whom running comes naturally.  Trail running even less so.

*insert motivational bollocking scenic picture with fear/limits/some shit quote here*

As usual I will be relying on my sense of humour and enjoyment of the ridiculousness of the situation to carry me through.

What if I fuck it up?

I might fuck it up but I really don't want to fuck it up. 5 years ago I didn't think I could run 5k. Not starting this because of fuck-up fear would be a fail, I need to do this.

Things I'd like to do in this race:

Experience an all-singing all-dancing large scale legendary trail ultra.
Get my arse across the start line, despite immobilizing pants-shitting terror.
Check out the famous aid stations.
Watch the proper runners.
Keep moving past the point where I'm certain I can't do it anymore.
Maintain perspective, this isn't going to kill me I don't think?

Bib numbers are 244 for me and 243 for Kev, it's actually bloody happening.


  1. Good luck! You've got this!

  2. all the commentary i have left for you on TWITTSVILLE should speak to what I feel needs to go on. But really, relentlessly forward. stop to poop prior to start line so its not happeneing THERE. that would be shittay. drink the koolade, its good for you. #runBITCHrun


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