Second Annual Grand Beakerhead Run

I haven't run since Lost Soul (was that only a week ago?) so I was dying to get my Brooks on and hit the streets this weekend.  Last year we incorporated Beakerhead into training for Las Vegas and this year we wanted to do it again!

We start at Eau Claire, heading east along the Riverwalk.  First point of interest: BASS ship.  It sorta matches Kev.  People inside are frenetically beaming messages into space.

Next: The Saturnian. I really need one of these for the yard.  It's an epic narwhal/whale/rainbow delight.

This my favourite, Tentacles have taken over a building in Inglewood and are trying to escape.  The wind is blowing them around, it's pretty cool.  More of this please!!

We follow the pathways around Stampede over to Central Memorial where we find the result of last year's show - Nibbles! You guys we have baby bunnies!  There are carrots and whatnot lying around so you can feed them.

There are also real bunnies, the Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club has brought some very cute little guys out.

We finish up 10 miles around Eau Claire, adding in a bit of Pokemon and two sets of Curling Club stairs for fun.  What a gorgeous fall day!  Today is the very essence of Run Happy.  With bonus bunnies.


  1. I should have gone to check out Beakerhead- it looks like so much fun! Love that last shot of you guys

    1. It really is fun, I bet your little one would have enjoyed going in the Saturnian! Plus you can join her without feeling silly - bonus! :)


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