Random Thursday Thoughts

Hey everyone, it's Thursday!  I'm linking up with Amanda over at Running with Spoons to set all the random crap in my brain free, read the original post for more details and join us.  

Lost Soul - I am writing a race report on the 54k (1 course loop) I completed but honestly just haven't felt like doing it so it'll be slower than usual.  A whole bunch of stuff went right and there's stuff to be learned from what went wrong. It was awesome, it was hellish. It was still a DNF at the end of the day and that's taking time to write about.

You know when you're unhappy with your weight yet can't seem to get your shit together?  That's where I'm at.  I can see it clearly around the midsection in my last race pics. If I shifted even a measly 5 lbs I believe it would make a HUGE difference and yet I can't seem to.  I've got races in Vancouver and Las Vegas coming up in Oct/Nov and I really don't want to be heavy for those.

We're going to see The Proclaimers on Thanksgiving weekend, this is exciting.  A little bit of home!  Sunshine on Leith is one of my faves, partly because I lived there for 5 years but mostly because it's just a beautiful song.

So far I've only committed to one race for 2017, I'm thinking of doing less races and really focusing on training.  2016 is looking like: 2 ultras, 3 marathons, 6 halfs, a 10k and 4 5ks.  I think 2017 needs to have a change of pace, plus I really want to focus on my 100k goal.

Or I could stay home watching 90 Day Fiance and eating Ben & Jerry's?  Seriously, I can't look away from that show.  Not to mention the re-runs of old seasons I just spotted on the guide next week.  YES!


  1. That show is so addicting! Why does the younger guy stay with his girlfriend? I understand she is pretty, but she's so mean to him! You should watch married at first sight too

    1. Leigh I have absolutely been watching that! Can't wait to see what unfolds this week on both. What about those 2 that got divorced after the honeymoon? Yikes.


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