Looking at Thames Path Challenge 2017

I only know about this race because Angry Jogger did it.  Last year I was taking on Lost Soul 100k at the same time he was doing TPC 100k.  It sounded amazing, point to point beside the Thames from London out to close to where Kev's from.  FYI we both DNF'd our races that weekend.  Cocks.

Here we are a year later and TPC is on.  I wanted to try completing 100k at a timed event and also over a set distance course this year.  The first challenge is done, which leaves this one.

The race has start times over a 3 hour period which means you can enter as a runner (6:45 start for us), a jogger or a walker (up to 9 am).  I love how inclusive it is.  You can also run 50k, over either the first or second half of the course or split your 100 into 2 days.  Because of this, the overall course cutoff time is about 30 hours.  After joining the online chat group I can tell you I've never come across a more supportive, encouraging bunch of people.

Things I'm looking forward to

Cups of tea at aid stations
Jaffa cakes
Mini cheddars
British people
A change of scenery - riverside, English towns
Trying to deal with a glass of champagne at the finish line

There's still so much to do before we go including a marathon next weekend.  Time to get er done!


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