Running Tracks Virtual Race Series

Rock n Roll just launched a new virtual summer run series....Summer Strides.

Because who doesn't love running shoes?

I completed the Running Tracks series in the spring this year, it was three virtual runs of 5 km.  There's so much flexibility with virtual races, my first one was on the treadmill - or as I call him Sven.

The second was outside where the first spring flowers were just coming up.

The third installment was in Pittsburgh, where I was getting set to run the marathon.

Since I had run the entire series of 3, I got the bonus jukebox medal.  The gramophone is probably my favourite though.  They all arrived in the mail and again I was surprised at how solid the medals are.  Excellent motivation!  I'm looking forward to having some fun with the next series.

Remember to share all your accomplishments on social media with #RnRVirtualRun. AND HAVE FUN!

*As a member of RocknBlog 2017 I was provided with a series entry, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.


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