Mind the Gap, Travels, Goodbye Diane

I'm joining up with Amanda at Running With Spoons today for some lovely therapeutic randomness.  Pop in over here.

Only a week to go until our UK trip!  We're staying in a VRBO apartment right by Tower Bridge, I'm really excited to be in the middle of this crazy beautiful city.  Of course we have to add in some travel to visit people and there's also that race thingy.  We're hoping for a couple of days just to be tourists though, take the open top bus tour and eat in the pubs.

Things I hate about travelling back to the motherland: Leaving my cats, being stuck on a plane with other people for an extended period - overnight, trying to organize anything in the UK (especially on a Sunday), the impossible Tetris puzzle of relative visits at opposite ends of the country, Gatwick.

There's been a bit of a break in my lunch fitness classes so of course I've been working out hard myself going out to play Pokemon with random people.  The current legendary raids are so entertaining.  Please see haul above. I've found my Poketribe.

You know how they say cats always move onto carpet before throwing up?  Mine head for the cat tree.  Have you ever tried cleaning barf off multiple levels of a cat tree?  Stop it, just stop.

I lost the war of the dandelions, I sprayed them, I dug them up, I sprayed them some more.  They multiplied exponentially.  Cue the professionals who are coming in today to deal.

Things I love just now: Beautycounter products, endless summer, not wearing pants in the house (British people - trousers), chatty noises Miss Sia makes when she wants fed, having my FINAL goal race of the year in sight, watching Twin Peaks.

Last 2 episodes Sunday.....


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