Rock n Roll San Jose 10k Oct 8, 2017

Flat me wanted to run the Half, however actual me felt the 10k would be a smarter option.  I checked the website out and all I had to do was turn left at the mile 5 marker.  The start time was the same and it gave me 5 miles of dual course to be sure I wanted to cut my distance.

But first! WRS and RocknBlog meetup.

I would like to start every race by seeing all these smiley people please.  The misbehaving balloons belong to Elizabeth who is running her 100th Half and looking rather splendid doing it.

It's already warm when we get going and again today running is just not working well.  The course in SJ is lovely though and there's a ton of support happening.  It's a great distraction from the general pain and my dysfunctional running capabilities.

I have become quite talented at locating booze during less than stellar runs.  Alas I am too late for donuts.  It just seems right to share with Elizabeth as a little celebration.

Behold a new PR for running with a solo cup.  I couldn't find a bin for it.  Didn't spill a drop.

Two years ago I may have stopped for a firefighter selfie, and today it becomes a tradition.  Thank you SJFD.

You know what this race needs?  A pupper dressed as a lobster is what it needs.

We won a Stanley Cup in there! 

Turning left now.  I'm okay with that today.  Well mostly, it's still a bit crappy feeling.

Over the last mile the faster Halfers are flying by on my right.  I can pretend to be one as I shuffle up the 10k lane.

This is pretty much all you could want after a race, chocolate milk and Cheez Its. Am I right?

I earned dat cool bear.  Very sunglasses.  

*As a 2017 member of RocknBlog I was provided a TourPass for race entry.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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