Rock n Roll San Jose 5k Oct 7, 2017

After Calgary's first big snowstorm of the year we are pretty happy to be headed to San Jose.  It's 30°c here.  Seriously, so much sunshine.  This is a very short trip, arriving Friday and flying back after the race on Sunday.  

Despite my best efforts to put us on a bus then a train going the wrong way, we get into town and pick up bibs easily.  There's no need for a rental car as light rail connects everything.

The first race of the remix challenge is Saturday's 5k.  My 5k PR still stands on this course from 2015.  This is happy and sad because I'm not feeling speedy at all right now.

Isn't it great running in shorts and a cami?  Love you California.

That wonderful moment when you stand at the start line and everything is possible.  Then we start.  Apparently I have forgotten how to do running.

Why does it feel so bad?  We're only 2k in.  Everything hurts. This 5k is eternal, I could expire out here. Oh okay, there's the finish line.

Catching up with lovely Andrew after makes everything better.

There is beer, also helpful.

It's a gorgeous morning for sitting in the park listening to the band and enjoying an adult beverage.

Race one done!

*As a 2017 member of RocknBlog I was provided a TourPass for race entry.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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