Running Thoughts for 2018

The non running part was prettay good

That was a painful and not-enjoyable weekend of running right there. Oh my god.  Once again I failed to realize I might be a bit tired at this stage of the year and require a break from racing.  But it's just for fun!  No, it wasn't fun.  Running badly just plain sucks, I don't enjoy it at all.  Thank goodness I had the option to cut my distance in half on Sunday.

I am far from being a natural runner, every single thing I achieve needs a ton of work behind it.  Since that's not a choice, I put in my training (which I enjoy usually) then if I have a good race it's bloody brilliant.  On the other hand when I can barely make it through a 5k it's very discouraging.

Almost exactly a month ago I finished a 100k, right now I'm defining myself as a shit runner over a 5 and 10k. The distance is irrelevant.

So. I think I'll do things differently in 2018.

  • Have one major goal race, just one.  Quality > quantity.
  • Less travel for running.  Over the past 6 years, every trip we've taken has had a race involved or we've managed to fit one in.
  • If we decide it's time for a race there are a ton of local options.  I don't want to be scheduled a year out for numerous races of numerous distances. When flight/hotel/registration is required you can't just do something on the spur of the moment.

This also gives me more weekends to get up into the mountains, I love our long days up there.  Sound like a plan?  Yep.


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