2018 Goals

Goodbye 2017

I already talked about 2017 in running but I also had a couple of other goals going into the year:

Weight - nope!  Still need to offload 10 to 15 lbs.  I didn't gain anything this year so I guess that's something?

I may have mentioned getting the basement together and that's another big yes.  We put down exercise mats, installed Sven (the treadmill) and decorated with medals and race bibs.  It's a lovely space, unless a cat comes down and has a shit in the litter box around the corner.

Back in 2016 I set a goal of reducing the credit line and in the last few months of 2017 I finally made progress - it's at less than 1/3 of what it was (because we haven't booked any trips). This makes me very happy, except for having no trips booked obviously.  Edit WAIT I just booked a trip so yeah that might affect future progress.

What about 2018?

One big giant sexy goal race.  Only one!

Unfortunately I can't run the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2018 as I used up my vacation with the UK trip, I might need to be sedated in May for a few days.  My vacation year runs from July - July.

Start something new with less impact/wear and tear on my Achilles - I've always wanted to have a go at open water swimming. 

Weight.  For heaven's sakes make some progress.  Any progress.  And....Eat better.  Honest to god someone should show me a pile of all the junk I've eaten this year.

Say 'no' more.  I keep saying yes to stuff I really don't want then dread it for weeks and suffer through whatever it is then get sick after.  I don't have to feel guilty about asserting my space and recognizing my boundaries instead of trying to make everyone happy and having a breakdown.  (Stay tuned for 2019 - be less of a bitch).



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