Rock n Roll!

I'm very excited to report I will be back for my fourth year in RocknBlog!  I'll have a discount for you soon so stay tuned.  As part of the program this year I was given a 10 pack TourPass so let's get registering! first RnR race of 2018 will be San Francisco! Remember that thing about not booking trips?  Never mind.  We ran SF back in 2015, it was my very first race as a RocknBlogger and I think I'll continue the 'peace, love' theme as it was so much fun.  The scenery is gorgeous, all those hills, the little houses and of course running across the Golden Gate Bridge.  

I'm really looking forward to running this again!

What's your first Rock n Roll race of the year?


  1. I hope I get to meet you at a race in 2018! I will for sure be doing RnR Chicago and Philly.

    1. That would be awesome! I was looking at Chicago. The flight deal fairy needs to smile on me :)


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