12 Notes for 48 Hours

12 for 48
Because 48 notes would be boring.  And long.

I read that training for a 48 hour race should be the same as training for a 24 hour race, so that is what I've done - running/strength/cross training. Time on feet vs pace. Getting into a good head space.  Never underestimate the power of the mind in these races.

The course was just certified for USATF and we will now be completing a 2.5 mile loop instead of 2.38.  The little grassy bit is where the change comes in.  Last year we did 2.5 due to the storm, but it was on the elevated trail at the right of the lake.  So 3 years = 3 different courses.

40 laps = 100 miles.  That is a thing.  Just a thing, that's all.

We both got new watches, Fenix 3, for this race, mostly because we've had uncomfortable badly functioning ones for 5 years.  This is the first time I'll have used a GPS device to track anything for a timed event.

Another new add? The gel blister pads I found during Thames Path.  I have got to be able to keep moving forward for a very long time.

A pre-race scouting project uncovered quite a few restaurants within 0.4 miles of the course, would it be insane to eff off to one during the race?  Probably.  But I know the options.

Ann Trason is also doing the 48 hour race.  I'm in awe of a lot of all of these runners. Ed Ettinghausen is a force of nature and I've been lucky enough to share the Jackpot course with him every time. I could list others to fill the page.  It is a privilege that's for sure.

Technically I can earn this marvelous little blingy thing for putting in 1 lap, however finishing after just 1 lap would be extremely not-good (that's a long time to sit in the car eating my way through our race supplies).  That does put Mr DNF to bed early however.

Sticking to real food and nuun as usual, coke and bananas are my thing when I don't feel great.

Through training for this race I've realized why I run and it has nothing to do with pace, time, results or what everyone is posting on IG.  I've found joy, reason and peace in the movement and that's so liberating.  And it's why I will keep doing this.  Even if I'm crap at it on paper.

I am giving myself permission to enjoy the race.  I always struggle with this bit.  48 hours may never happen for me again (because it's clearly nuts).  I read on another blog that 48 hours is an opportunity not an obligation and I think that's a great perspective.

Let's do this!


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