Ultimate Coffee Date - January 2018

Good morning!  I am joining Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Coco at Running With Perseverance for their monthly Ultimate Coffee Date linkup and to share my first post of 2018 with you.  

Now, this is a coffee date but I am a tea drinker (I'm British) and in fact I'm having a cup right now.  So let's say this is a 'hot beverage of choice' date.

If we were having tea today I would tell you this picture is from a wonderful little greasy spoon cafe (going by the magnificent name of Pumblechooks) we visited during our September London trip and it is one of the best cups of tea I've ever had.  The default serving seemed to involve one milk which is exactly how I like it.  Needless to say we went back there a lot.  FYI I can't resist a proper English breakfast.


If we were having tea today I would share with you how amazing it is that we got through our first week of work after Christmas without stabbing anyone in the face, getting fired or generally ending up in prison.  Unless you did obviously.  If not, we are amazing and I am proud of us.  Adulting win.

If we were having tea today I might tell you I've decided to track my annual running mileage for the first time ever.  Last year just adding up races came to over 500 km so I thought it would be interesting to keep track of training in 2018 as well.  If it drives me nuts, I'll stop.

Losing weight always reminds me of Rollin' Wild which I LOVE

If we were having tea today I would tell you I quietly started eating better on Jan 1 (cliche!)  I am not getting on the scale as I know not seeing the number I want has made me give up before.  Instead I'm hoping to see differences, fit into clothes better and generally feel better - gradually.  I think that's another adulting win?  So far anyway.

If we were having tea today I'd tell you I'm taking 2018 one day at a time without too many expectations and trying to enjoy the scenery a bit more than usual.

What about you?


  1. I am going to start tracking too for the first time. Strava makes it easy. Glad you didn't get thrown into prison :) Happy New Year!


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