The 2018 Big One - Jackpot 48

My big giant race of 2018 is happening in Las Vegas (surprise!) on February 16-17.  BLU's Jackpot Ultra is celebrating 5 years in 2018 and we will be taking part for the third time.  Since I never got tired circuiting Cornerstone Park in the 12 or 24 hour races, this year both Kev and I are trying the 48 hour.  Ken and Steph do a fantastic job with this race, I love being part of it.

48 hours seems like a ridiculous and impossible amount of time to be on your feet and that's why I'm excited to have a go.

About the race

Complete as many laps of the 2.38 mile course as possible within the time.  If the runoff is high, loop expands to 2.5 miles with bonus hills (as in 2017).

The course is 45% gravel/trail, 50% asphalt and 5% concrete/bridges.  25m elevation per lap.

Central aid station accessible on every loop, also access to your vehicle or tent.

Jackpot will be holding the USATF 100 mile championships this year, there are going to be some super speedy runners on that course.

48 hr starts Friday morning then the 100 mile and 6/12/24 hr start Saturday morning.

Elvis and showgirls arrive to get the Saturday races started. This year, they are also coming on Friday - hurrah!


I want to see how much mileage I can cover in 48 hours, moving forward as much as possible.

That's it.  Although 100 miles is floating around in my head (because of course it is) I don't want to focus on a distance goal. I definitely want to hit a personal long by a good stretch.

Honestly how on earth can you imagine how a 48 hr race will go? It seems silly even talking about goals.

The Plan

Keep moving for the first 24 hours with breaks every 10 miles.  Be aware of how long breaks are.  Don't drink my own bodyweight in Coke.  Run more of the night miles than I managed in the 24 last year.

The next 12 hours will be in daylight, stay positive.  Other races starting = distraction, energy, something else to focus on.  Forward motion.

Last 12 at night - anybody's guess, don't die.  Potential long break.  End the race moving forward in some manner.

Hope it doesn't rain, that was not cool last year.

I've been having an awful nightmare that after 24 hours my legs are absolutely done and I can't even stand up.  I try to go over to see Elvis and just collapse in a heap :(   I think this is normal?

Previous year race reports.....

Jackpot 12 hour
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