Mile High Race Addition!

The San Francisco trip was so awesome and refreshing I may have found myself checking out other races when we got back.  It had to be after August since I've killed my vacation allowance and also ideally in a place we hadn't run before.  Direct flights essential, good deal preferable.

And the winner is....

All booked!  It'll be a remix weekend this time with a Saturday 5k and Sunday Half.  This means extra shiny stuff!

Denver sits at 5280 ft above sea level, Calgary is at 3430 ft.  Probably not a fast race.  I'm not even going to mention the 'S' word.

This is going to be fun!

*I was provided with a TourPass for race entry as a 2018 member of RocknBlog.  Kev wasn't.  Someone should probably remind him to register for this race.


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