I added Timehop to my phone recently and realized that almost every year I've been finishing up marathon training around this time.  A bunch of 20+ mile runs happening, at a good weight, feeling strong....  It's so far removed from what I'm doing at this second, which is to say struggling.  I'm struggling with weight, running, my body, my mind and finding some mojo to get going again.  At least I'm not planning to race until late August so I have plenty time to regroup, assuming I can remember how.

Super handy guide to my general feelings from the Oatmeal

5 good things
It's Friday
I'm not getting up early tomorrow or the next day
It's supposed to be plus 12 tomorrow, maybe the snow will melt
My pet shirt from INKnBURN has shipped
The Pens are in the playoffs!

Race report from SF coming shortly-ish. I promise I'll start it as soon as my brain is operational.


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