Rawson Lake Snowshoe

Rawson Lake     11km     360m elevation gain

It's been far too long since we got up into the mountains, especially to snowshoe.  Saturday was going to be an extremely good weather day with blue skies and temps in the teens so off we went.  I like to start early to miss the crowds and we certainly managed that.

Official welcoming committee:

There was plenty snow at the trailhead so we went ahead with the snowshoe plan.

I wish I could quit you Ennis.  Never gets old.

Snowshoes gave us the added benefit of traipsing across the lake instead of taking the trail.  It didn't look too stable further out so we stuck to the edge.

We came back up by Sarrail Falls which were hidden behind ice and snow still.  There was no sign of the lake sign, it was buried.

After the climb this happened:

We had the entire place to ourselves, it was perfect.

After a few photos we walked toward the back of the lake to watch the many small avalanches going on.  Yay snowshoes!  I get a kick out of walking on frozen lakes.

We sat behind a small hill and took in the scenery (and got sunburned).  I could have looked at this all day.

Eventually we headed back, it was already a little softer on the lake.  We had barely left prints coming out.  And it was busy, quite a few people were gathered at the trail by the lake edge.  Good timing again. 

Another perfect day in the mountains.


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