Next Up: Calgary Half Marathon

I'm registered to run the Calgary Half in under 2 weeks! I've been quite consistent with the past 4 Half finishes here at home, in fact all my times are within 10 minutes which is why I'm thinking I'm in trouble this year.  Unless it's because of magic.

2012 - my first ever Half, no Garmin, no clue, great headphones (check it). Not sure I'm even wearing 'proper' running shoes and frankly how these shorts didn't chafe I'll never know (the magic?) 

2013 - IT Band issues, also my course PR of 2:25. 

2015 - very very struggly, I was happy to have a time back in the 2:30's after a rough start to the year.  My friend met me with Red Bull midway through when I thought I was going to expire. 

2016 - it was the finals, Kev ran with Stanley on his back for most of the race.  Loved every minute, we had a great time then the Pens won the Cup! 

This year?  It's probably best not to have high hopes, it will be a repeat of 2015 when I was also struggling hard.  I thought about not doing the race but I'd really rather try, be a part of race day and keep my 8 year streak of Calgary Marathon events going.

Plus the 2018 medal edition is quite motivating:

Could this enormous co chicken be bringing the magic??  I hope so.


  1. Yay!! One day I would love to run Calgary again .... so many races, so little time. You got this. Nice chicken. Those are some great looking medals!

    1. I know, I hate missing stuff! That chicken is the route highlight....


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