Prairie Mountain 4.0

Prairie Mtn     9km     765m elevation gain (added exploring at the top)

I think this is the fourth time we've done this trail. On Saturday we headed out for an early May visit, though there was less snow than in late May last year.  The roads are still closed in the area (until May 15) so that concentrates all the hikers onto this trail.  You also can't access the parking lot yet as it's behind the winter gate.

The first section of up is still alarming no matter how many times you do it.  The reward however, is almost instant views.

The wildlife said hello.  We were on the trail at 8:15 and it was relatively quiet.

The top is always spectacular. I had to take my mind off not being in Pittsburgh and this worked for the most part.  Being in the mountains also makes you just feel better about everything.

Quick flag selfie before we headed back.

Then we bumped into friends on the way down, great minds etc.  I prefer Crystal's photo to mine, we look happier!

Another gorgeous day in the mountains.


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