Ribbon Falls

Ribbon Falls       Approx 18km      Elev 450m

This was a treat!  Being quite early in May still (19th) we were surprised to find an almost entirely snow free trail.  On the way up we encountered zero people, the sun was shining in a perfect blue sky and it felt like summer.  

The trail has been reconstructed after the 2013 floods with various new bridges and rebuilt/rerouted sections.  It follows Ribbon Creek all the way up the valley to the Falls.  Elevation gain is gradual.

Waterfalls everywhere!

 As we approached the campground we found the path was blocked by a huge avalanche tail full of snapped trees and rock.  We detoured down into the valley to get around.  

It's hard to capture the scale in photos.  There's about a metre of snow under all the debris and the creek is hidden, you could hear it rushing by in spots.  

Then Ribbon Falls.  So beautiful.  

We had the place to ourselves for 20 minutes then it started to get busier...and busier...so we headed back down.  We passed a LOT of people as we descended through the valley.  

That's our third mountain visit in 4 weeks and I LOVE IT!  We are so lucky to live near this.  What are we doing next?


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