TrailFest Solstice Series 12k June 14, 2018

Over a 3 week period TrailFest was holding a series of evening runs through Mugdock Park (north of Glasgow).  We were able to join them for the second in the series, a 12k.  Whoever picked the route did an amazing job.

Of course we started next to a castle.  This is Scotland.

We were at the tail end of a big windstorm (Hector) but it was quite sunny and pleasant before the race.  Do you like my new thing-that-isn't-a-buff?

As we start grey clouds are rolling in and threatening rain.  Everyone takes off downhill and heads away at quite a pace.  I thought I might be back of the pack today, yep.  We quickly climb onto a stretch of moor and the rain kicks in, it's hard to see anything it's coming down so hard.  I think this is why I try to go the wrong way at the end, the sweeper keeps me on the right track.

We have passed another castle and Mugdock Loch in the meantime.

Into the trees!  It is gorgeous in a Blair Witchy way.

Twisty mossy routes through the trees are marked with white tape.  It is so soft underfoot.  Hi John!

Back into open country, ferns and moss with the Campsie Hills behind us - stunning.

The trail is so beautiful, I love all of it.  The technical parts are really fun.  Before the end I manage to get several midge bites, run through nettles and get rained on a bit more.  Of course it's hard, this is why I'm purple. Done! I finish with John and another runner I met on the course.

Superb evening, trail therapy at its finest.


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