Midyear Goals and Whatnot

We're halfway through 2018.  I think it's a good time to check in on goals then abandon them completely for the next 6 months.  Really.  Let's continue.

The big huge goal race went badly, I'm still trying to see quitting halfway and getting to 100k as a good thing. That sounds ridiculous because hello, it's 100k but nothing about that race felt good or went well.  If I was a glass half full person instead of a currently depressed person I would be doing better at that probably.

Credit line, much better even with an unexpected UK trip.  Wagons roll.  The end is nigh.

Weight, down 5.  Winning.

Swimming, nope.

Saying 'no' more, mostly I'm saying WTF.  2018 is very much a year of WTF.  It's been a nasty little bitch of a year.

I am done with goals (or are we counting survival as a goal, I think we should) if I'm able to get out of bed and function then it's a win.  Everything else is a 'nice to have'.

Here's how I'm looking at the rest of my running year:

August, Edmonton Marathon.  It's a beautiful race through a great city, how awesome will it be to complete my 11th marathon?  Very awesome.  Marathons are sexy.

September, Chiltern 50.  I can enjoy all the details of an Action Challenge race including the pic n mix station, jaffa cakes, British people, cups of tea and cake and my 7th ultra distance...without worrying about cut offs. Immense winning.

October, RnR Denver.  All the good Rock n Roll things in a new city.  Best.

Nov/Dec - no races!

Next up on my happy agenda is the Twin Peaks Festival weekend in North Bend.  It could not have come at a better time.


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