Calgary Half Marathon May 27, 2018

This race was right before everything went to hell back home.  I think I'm caught up on reports after this one....

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day which is often the case for the Calgary Marathon.  I had one goal and that was to be better than my last race.  I wanted to give 'er for this one and get back on track.

This was a fun addition at the start/finish area. The .1 must be hidden in my arse going by this angle.

We start amid much fanfare and head off into the sunshine.  The first thing I look out for on the course is Elvis, so I aim to keep a decent pace then grab a photo.  It's traditional.  Look at all that blue sky.

I have no problems at all with this being a mostly flat run.  We pass the zoo via the shiny new bridge and run through Bridgeland before heading back into downtown.  As we head along 11th Ave I spot a fabulous cheer group. YES!

I'm happy to reach 10k in 1:13 today.  After that it's a bit more of a struggle so I just keep moving forward.  I filled my hydration pack with coke (and by that I mean cola) before the race so I just grab water from the aid stations to go with it.

Here it is, another tradition. Had to.

It always gets quite toasty on Memorial, volunteers are handing out lovely cold sponges and popsicles.  Thank you!  This is where you turn around and get full on sun in the face for the return leg.

Every year Kev and I try to run round the Beakerhead exhibits throughout the city, it's a ton of fun.  This year they came to visit us early.  Bunnies!

Soon we're back in the East Village.  It's always a party through here, so much energy.  This time I know we're nearly done.  High 5 to that.

I manage to see a few friends out on the course which is really awesome.  It is a beautiful day for a race and I enjoyed it but I'm VERY VERY happy to see this finish line.

In the books, our 8th year running Cal Mara!  At 2:45 my slowest ever but still a big improvement on recent results. We're celebrating with Jugo Juice.

See what I did here? 


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