A New Challenge

I start 3 months of triathlon swim classes in March, oh my backfat!  After two 48 hour race attempts within the last year I am mentally done and need a break from racing (after Pittsburgh of course, I'm going out in style).  I can also see that inactivity and overeating might easily become my next big thing. 

So as Dr Now says, I need to find a different 'thing' that is definitely not that.  It's time to deal with the recurring back and Achilles pain I've had for over a year and I think this will be ideal.

There is no goal (no race!) at the end of the session other than to challenge myself and improve at something completely different.  I feel really good about that.  I also think it will be excellent cross training for Pittsburgh.

Is couch to pool a thing?  Oh lord my swimsuit has cats on it.  Update: I just saw my first session plan and basically have no clue what any of it even means.


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